Yabatech School fees Updated School fee for All Departments


Yabatech School fees – Updated School fee for All Departments

Yabatech School fees – Updated School fee for All Departments:-  You all know that Yabatech is a federal government owned Polytechnic and it is the first Tertiary institution in Nigeria before The University of Ibadan was created. This article is all about Yabatech school fees and the list of the fees here are updated as at year 2017 because this is the year that Nigeria is undergoing recession and  Yabatech Increased all Departments School Fees for both full timers and part timers.

 Yabatech School fees – Updated School fee for All Departments

Yabatech school fees are been paid online. The online payment is handled by Remita. This is in line with the federal government single account policy. Note that all Federal schools in Nigeria use Remita to pay school fees while state and private universities can use any payment platform they want to.

Yabatech school fees for Full-time

Yabatech offers 32 courses in OND and offers 30 in HND. The school fee for Yabatech ND full time and HND full time are the same.

Yabatech school fees for OND full-time

The school fee for OND full-time in Yabatech is ₦44,500. The school fee price was formally ₦35,000 and got increased in this recession year to its current price. What a Country!

Yabatech school fees for HND full-time

The school fee for HND full-time in Yabatech is ₦45,500. Candidates who did part time in OND and do not have a Jamb Registration Number and Jamb Admission Letter and that did not gain admission into OND program are to pay the sum of ₦10,0000 for Jamb regularization.

Yabatech school fees for Part-time

The price of part time school fees in Yabatech varies per department. Below is Yabatech school fees price for OND part-time students in Yabatech;

Course            ND 1 ND 2 ND 3
Computer Science. ₦75,000.  ₦59,000   ₦62,000.
Electrical Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Mass communication. ₦83,500.  ₦64,000  ₦72,000.
Industrial Design – Fashion. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500  ₦64,500.
General Art. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500  ₦64,500.
Accountancy. ₦70,000.  ₦51,500.  ₦59,500.
Business Administration. ₦70,000.  ₦51,500.  ₦59,500.
Computer Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Banking and Finance. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Mechanical Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Hospitality Management. ₦75,000.  ₦59,000.  ₦62,000.
Science Laboratory Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦59,000.  ₦62,000.
Statistics. ₦75,000.  ₦59,000.  ₦62,000.
Textile Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Printing Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Quantity Surveying. ₦75,000.   ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Metallurgical Engineering. ₦75,000.   ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Food Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦59,000.  ₦62,000.
Industrial Maintenance Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Estate Management. ₦75,000.  ₦59,000.  ₦62,000.
Civil Engineering. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Building Technology. ₦75,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.
Office Technology Management. ₦70,000.  ₦56,500.  ₦64,500.

Yabatech school fees price for HND Part-time

We are still compiling the price of school fee for HND. Once we are done, we will upload it here for everyone to see.

₦75,000.  progress       –
ENGINEERING ₦80,000.         –       –
ENVIRONMENTAL ₦80,000.         –       –
TECHNOLOGY ₦80,000.        –       –

Above List of Yabatech School fees for HND Part time will be updated soon.

The school fee can be made online here and if you can not make the payment online visit recognized Cyber Cafe in School or visit Shop 2, Science Complex, Yabatech for online payment assistance.


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